James and Theresa


We’ve never been sword fighting with pirates nor have either of us won the Iron Man competition...We’ve never even run a marathon. But we HAVE planned a wedding, gotten married, and are raising children (which can sometimes feel a lot like all the above). Theresa is obsessed with all things wedding while James is the definition of a tech guy. Since the bond of creating human beings together wasn’t enough (just kidding, we love them dearly), we decided to merge our interests in business (actually, Theresa had operated Sweet T Photography & Services for many years, but being the devoted wife she is, she graciously allowed James to join her when he became interested in videography).

On a desert island, we’d go insane without our cameras, music, each other, our kids and pets, and our anime/video game collection (well, the last is on James...Theresa would be far happier with some paranormal movies and her dragon collection).

Capturing the beauty in life while having fun is what we enjoy doing most. We deeply believe in the power of laughter, community, and collaboration. We look forward to making memories with you! But enough about us, on to what you really want to know!

James and Theresa
Sweet T Photography & Services

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