The Many Benefits of Attending a Bridal Show!

The Many Benefits of Attending a Bridal Show


Congratulations! The love of your life has asked you to be theirs for eternity and you’re planning a crazy wonderful (and slightly stressful) event to celebrate! If you’re newly engaged, the planning process probably seems like a never ending, daunting task filled with thousands of tiny details (I have to pick out HOW MANY songs?!). If you’re coming near the end of the process, you’re likely panicking that there may be something you forgot (Wait...Did I tell the banquet hall I want round tables instead of rectangle?) The good news is, there is an exciting event that can help no matter what stage of planning you are in...bridal shows! Below are just some of the many reasons you want to attend bridal shows (even if you feel like you’re finished planning)!


1. You can gather TONS of information all at once!


Bridal shows allow you to talk with tons of different types of vendors about not only their services, but also their recommendations WITHOUT having to book a dozen separate meetings throughout the week to do so (because let’s face it… what bride has that kind of time?!). Likewise, who knows more about what flowers go best with peonies than that florist with the amazing bouquets at her table?! Who knows the best locations for photographs better than the photographer with the gorgeous images displayed at their booth?! Vendors are usually more than happy to talk to you about these things (they’ve even paid for the privilege to do so)!


2. You can compare prices!


Because so many vendors are present at a bridal show, it’s easy to see their work and visit the ones you are interested in to see which ones fit your budget as well as what they include in that price. Be sure to remember when price checking that some vendors include everything their packages while others choose to charge separately for their service/coverage time and products.


3. You can figure out where to start or discover what you may have forgotten!


There are SO many details to plan for a wedding that it can certainly be overwhelming. Bridal shows present a lot of that information to you making it easier to figure out what decisions to make first. You can see from displays what kind of color schemes might look good together, find out what venue can meet your needs, or even what style of gown you want. You can also be reminded of smaller details you may have left out like what songs a DJ recommends for bridal party dances, or what kind of book (or alternative book) you want your guests to sign!


4. Ideas galore!


Seeing different vendors can give you lots of great ideas, even if you aren’t using that particular vendor’s services. For example, a wedding planner or rental company may have a table set up that gives ideas of what you want yours to look like. A caterer may bring a chocolate fountain that makes you realize you’d like one for your day!




Many of the vendors bring samples, especially caterers and cake bakers (YUM!) which means, of course, free food! Even vendors who don’t have food often have small giveaways. On top of that, most bridal shows raffle prizes from those awesome vendors as well as other prizes! Some even give a goody bag at the entrance!


6. Fantastic deals!


On top of free stuff, some vendors will offer fantastic deals only to the brides that attend the shows they display at!


7. A TON of FUN! (and Ring the Belle Bridal Showcase)



Sure, there is usually a small cost involved in attending a show, but it’s worth it just for the FUN! Bond with your mom, your future spouse, or your entire wedding party! Get yourself great deals and free stuff, but also participate in fun activities! Activities vary by show, but at the Ring the Belle Bridal Showcase (organized by us at Sweet T Photography & Services) you can enjoy the cash bar or have a wine tasting as you browse for your wedding day needs! Party with Above & Beyond Tuxedo DJ Kurt Lewis,  enjoy the fashion show by Joy's Bridal Boutique, win prizes, and even take a chance to catch a bouquet laced with cash! It’s all happening on March 10th, 2019 at the beautiful Ubly Heights Golf & Country Club 11-2:30! Don’t miss out!