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Great Guest Book Alternatives

  • Published: Wednesday, 24 January 2018 12:41
  • Written by Theresa Hoard

Great Guest Book Alternatives


The days of walking into a bridal store and purchasing a plain white guest book with a touch of lace or ribbon have practically disappeared! Options for creative and awe inspiring items in the wedding world are ever expanding and the options for guest book alternatives are no exception! Of the thousands of details you painstakingly select for your big day, the one that is seen and touched by nearly all of your guests is this one (it’s also one you’ll likely keep forever). Instead of selecting something you’ll probably throw in a box and look at once a year on your anniversary (if that), why not create something beautiful that you’ll enjoy looking at every day? Below are some great ideas to leave your guests saying “wow”!


1. Photo Guest Book- If you prefer to stick with a traditional book, consider creating a book filled with your engagement photos or other photos of the two of you for your guests to enjoy as they sign!


2. Photo Quilt- Have a stunning future family heirloom created for you by having your photos put together as a quilt to sign! Hang it on your wall or cover up with it to keep you toasty. A signature photo quilt will be a treasured memory passed down from generation to generation! Be sure to use a fabric marker to ensure the signatures won’t fade with time!


3. Canvas- A large photo of the two of you or a custom designed artwork printed on canvas and mounted to a sturdy wooden frame could be the perfect spotlight for your walls for years to come! (The guest signatures add even more to it’s uniqueness and beauty!)


4. Wooden signs- Wooden signs are not only beautiful, they withstand the test of time! Consider having a monogram or custom design created for you and hand painted on wood to add a classy rustic feel to your day! Have your guests sign with Sharpies or paint markers and add a coat of polyurethane after the big day to better preserve the masterpiece that has been created!



While these are some of the most popular options, the only limit to the creativity of your guest book is your desire! There are thousands of great ideas and you guessed it… Sweet T Photography & Services can help with that too!