Unplugged Ceremonies and Why We Adore Them

Unplugged Ceremonies: Why We Adore Them


What is an “Unplugged Ceremony”? No phones, no iPads, no electronic devices to take the guests attention away from you...this is an “unplugged” ceremony. It may seem a bit self-indulgent, but there are a lot of benefits to telling your guests to put away their devices! These types of ceremonies are the best type in our opinion and we’ll explain why below!


1. You want your guests to stay in the moment: We all do it...we are supposed to be paying attention to something, but something on our phone seems REALLY important to get to (even if it’s something silly like our lives refilling on our favorite game). So we go to our phone with the intention of “just looking” only to find that a look took ten minutes and we forgot what we were supposed to be doing. By having an unplugged ceremony, you can help ensure that your guests are actually witnessing your wedding!


2. But They Want to Take Photos and More Photos is Better Right?: A guest’s attention is still not focused on the moment if they are taking photos! Instead, they are focused on the device they are taking it with and maybe even what Instagram filter to use on it. We completely understand why you might value the photos your guests took! They’re uploaded almost instantly for the world to see! However, you’ve likely spent thousands on hiring a professional photographer and most of the photos taken by guests are the same as what the professional takes only at a worse angle, lower quality, and at a more unflattering moment. Instead of having guests busy taking photos, tell them to enjoy themselves by actually witnessing the moment!


3. Phones and Devices Get in the Way!: You’ve said you’re vows and in full rapture it’s time for you to walk down the aisle as husband and wife! This is one of the most beautiful moments of the day and as your photographers we are poised to capture it in all its glory, but oops! Sorry! Uncle Bob just leaned in and completely blocked us from every angle to take a photo on his phone. We’ve dipped, dodged, and jumped, but sometimes, there’s just no way to reposition in time. Now the moment is gone… we just hope Uncle Bob’s photo turned out well!


4. You Want to See Their Faces!: Imagine… you’re about to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. and you look to the front row to see the pride and love in your (likely teary eyed) mother’s face… but all you see is a giant iPad where her head should be. And just as sad, if that’s what you’re seeing, that’s probably a lot of what your photographer is getting as well. Tablets are the worst, but even smaller phones can cover up the reactions that we’d love to be capturing for you!


Ultimately it is your choice whether or not to have an unplugged ceremony (or even an entirely unplugged wedding). It depends a great deal on how highly you value the photos that guests may capture. However, in our opinion, it certainly makes for better professional photos and a more memorable night for all if you go unplugged!