Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Dream Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings can be CRAZY expensive and things can get out of hand fast if you’re not careful. That being said, you can still have an amazingly beautiful wedding on a budget! Check out our money saving tips for planning your big day!


1. Lessen the paperwork.


Having a planner to guide you through the process is definitely essential, but spending $30-$50 on a fancy hardcover isn’t. These days digital planners are easy to find! Sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire put everything you need to know right in front of you on your desktop, tablet, or even your phone! If you’re one of those people who prefers to have everything on paper, you can save money by purchasing a three ring binder ($3-$5) and finding a free planning tool online to print!


Invitations include a LOT of information...perhaps too much. Most commonly, a formal invitation includes: the invitation, reception card, RSVP card and envelope, accommodation inserts, and maps or logistics cards. Thanks to technology, many of these things are no longer necessary! With the prevalence of Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other GPS systems, guests likely won’t even give the map or logistics cards a second glance, so why spend money and time on the extra stationary?! Likewise, most guests will look to travel sites to get the best deal on accommodations, making those inserts unnecessary. If you can fit all of your wedding day information on the invitation, you can save the reception card as well. Each of these things may seem small, but when you have to send out a couple hundred, the money adds up fast!


2. Choose the best location.


If you’re not having your wedding in a church, consider having your ceremony and reception at the same location. Often venues will offer a discounted package when you select them to host your ceremony (some will do it for a nominal fee and if there are no extra labor costs, some will allow it at no cost)! Why pay two separate fees for two locations?


Look for a venue that fits your theme and has ambiance. The more fitting the venue, the less need there is to decorate and the less you’ll have to spend to create your vision!


3. Choose your flowers wisely.


Flowers are wonderful! They not only make everything look beautiful, they smell great too! But if you’re trying to have a budget friendly wedding, consider using artificial flowers for your bouquets and decorations. Chances are people won’t notice and if they do, they won’t remember after long! If not having that intoxicating aroma is a deal breaker, consider buying floral spray and spraying the arrangements the night before the wedding.


If real flowers are an absolute must, consider choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. In season flowers are generally less expensive because they’re so easy for vendors to find.


4. Desserts take the cake!


The cake is a big deal, but things can be done to make sure it’s not a big deal in your budget. Many couples are electing to have a small cake for cutting with a sheet cake of the same flavor hidden away to save on cost. Other great options include cupcakes, donuts, smores and candy buffets!