Making Sure the Perfect Dress Really Is Perfect

You’ve found the one and you’re ready to say “Yes” to the dress. This is the dress you’ll be wearing down the aisle, the one you’ll share your first kiss as husband and wife in, the one that will be immortalized in photos for all eternity. You look fantastic and maybe even felt yourself tearing up a bit when you looked in the mirror. But before you have your final fitting there are a few things you should do in it to make sure it really is as perfect as you feel when you’re in it (because let’s face it, you’ll be in it ALL day and while pain is beauty, no one wants to be uncomfortable on their big day!


1. Put Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care!

This is especially important if your choosing a strapless gown! While putting your hands up, be sure to take note of whether or not the dress slides down or moves around too much. (Be sure to where your wedding day undergarments during this trial and all dress fittings as well to ensure that they work well with the dress.)


2. Take a Load Off!

While that gorgous mermaid gown may be great while your standing, at some point you’ll want to sit down. Make sure that you can sit down comfortably and get back up without the entire bridal party helping you!


3. Take a Walk!

Is your train so heavy that you’ll need help? Are the beads squeaking and driving you crazy? Take note of anything that seems uncomfortable or irritating. There may be ways to ease the stress or there may be things you’ll want to arrange for a helper for!


4. Monkey Around!

No, you don’t want to put on a circus for your neighborhood, but you will want to move around into some odd angles. This way you know that come time for those beautifully posed photos, you’ll be able to get into position without busting a seam or being miserable.


5. Give a Hug!

Weddings are full of love and hugs. Make sure you can throw your arms around someone to make sure that there will be no problems!


6. Just Chill!

For much of the ceremony and photos, you’ll be just standing still. Take notice of any pinching, squeezing, itching, or discomfort cause while you do nothing at all.