Tuesday, 17 September 2019

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Stash Cash for the Big Day

  • Published: Monday, 02 April 2018 12:54
  • Written by Theresa Hoard

Figuring out your budget should be the very first thing you do when you begin the process of planning your wedding. After all, pretty much everything you do (or don’t do) will have a $ associated with it! It’s best to know exactly what you can afford to spend before the process is started. The budget can make things really simple if you have the money already on hand, but if you don’t there are some easy tricks to help you stash some cash before everything comes due (without resorting to starvation).


1. Get a financial planner!

Set a monthly budget and follow it! Log everything so you know just how much you ACTUALLY spend on things. This one requires a bit of effort, but you may be amazed to find how much money is unnecessarily flowing out of your bank account on little things like eating out or your daily coffee! Tracking your finances will allow you to identify problem areas and plug the financial leak, allowing you a great potential for extra cash! Don’t want to carry a book around? Consider a free digital budget tool such as everydollar.com or Mint!


2. Automatic Transfers!

Consider setting up a separate bank account that you won’t touch for anything except wedding expenses. Have a small amount automatically transferred from your main account to the wedding account each week, biweekly, or monthly. Be sure to put the amount that will be transferred into your monthly budget so you don’t overdraw your account. A small amount transferred will add up to a big deal in the end, but likely won’t even be missed from your regular account!


3. Get it to Go

Cutting out restaurants all together could save a ridiculous amount of cash, but if that’s not realistic for you, (it certainly wouldn’t be for me!) try ordering to go instead of dining in the restaurant. Not only will you save on drinks by grabbing a two liter, but you don’t have to worry about gratuity! Instead take the amount you would have tipped and add it to your wedding stash! (Note: PLEASE if you do dine in, still tip your waiters and waitresses! Being tight on cash isn’t a good reason to stiff someone else… tips are usually how they earn a living and you never know, they may be saving for something important too!)


4. Pack It!

Going out for lunch everyday adds up fast! Instead, take a homemade lunch to school or work everyday! Lunch at the golden arches may only be $5 a day, but if you go five days a week, that’s $25 (and a whole lot of extra calories too)! Just a couple months of homemade meals and you could have your DJ or cake paid for! Worth it? We think so!