An Easy System for Narrowing Your Guest List

An Easy System for Narrowing Your Guest List

Creating your guest list can be one of those most daunting tasks wedding planning has in store. No one wants to hurt feelings or exclude people, but unfortunately each person invited (and attending) adds to the cost of your event. Likewise, those who are in attendance will inevitably effect the way you and your love feel on your day. Unless you have an unlimited budget, some will sadly have to remain off of the invite list. Since it will be easier to be confident in your guest list decisions if you have a plan in place, here are son tips to help you narrow down that endless list of possible invites.

1.       Make your budget before ANYTHING else. Your budget effects EVERYTHING, especially the number of guests you can invite. Inviting 500 guests only to suddenly realize that you can only afford resources for 200 would be tragic (who wants to make the call to UNinvite someone?!).

2.       Pick a venue that aligns with your budget and style. Once you’re able to settle on a budget and a venue, everything else will start falling into place. This is YOUR day! You want to get married somewhere that makes you happy or has meaning to you, not just somewhere that you had to settle for because your guest list was too big! Let your venue size dictate the maximum number of guests (not the other way around).

3.       Make a list of everyone, then divide them into categories: friends, immediate family, close relatives, extended relatives, coworkers, friends of the family, etc. If someone fits into two categories, (for example, your coworker is your best friend) put them in the higher ranked category. This will not only enable you to see who is most important to you, it can allow you to cut entire categories if need be.

4.       Identify your past and future. There will likely be a lot of people at your wedding, so introducing your new spouse to your best friend from kindergarten should be low on your priorities for the day. Of course, take relationships into account, but as a rule of thumb, if you haven’t spoken to someone in 5 years or don’t see yourself still being in touch 5 years from now, they may not need an invite.

5.       Create a list of people you couldn’t imagine spending the day without and another with those who would be missed, but wouldn’t make or break the day. Send out invites to those most important to you first. When someone from the first list lets you know that they can not attend, send an invite to the next in line!

6.       If you still need to cut the list further, consider cutting the plus one option for those who are not married or even an adult only reception. Both of these options can easily cut your guest list in half!