Saturday, 25 May 2019

After the Day- What to Do with the Dress After the Wedding

  • Published: Tuesday, 16 October 2018 15:13
  • Written by Theresa Hoard
1. Trash the Dress Photo Session! No, your dress doesn’t have to be completely ruined… A Trash the Dress Session can be tailored to fit your personality! It can be something as simple as getting dressed back up and going somewhere that you might not have been able to on the wedding day (whether due to time limits or need to keep the dress clean) such as a sandy beach, a creek, or even a carnival or arcade! If you want something a little more creative and don’t care about the dress after word? Consider a color, mud, or paint war with your new spouse! You can absolutely trash the dress if you want to!

2. Want to keep your gown forever? Your first step is to get your dress cleaned and preserved! Even if it doesn’t look dirty to the naked eye and you took every precaution to ensure it stayed clean, there can be unseen blemishes. The preservation process also protects the dress from fabric yellowing! 

3. Put it in a shadow box. What better way to keep one of the happiest days of your life front and center in your home? After the dress is preserved, consider placing it in a large shadow box with other items from the day and hang it in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you like! Much better than keeping it in a box in the attic or garage!

4. Sell it. These days, brides are more financially savvy than ever before! If you have no desire to keep the dress, you could make another bride (who may not have been able to afford such a perfect gown otherwise) very happy and earn some cash back at the same time!

5. Donate it to Charity. Many places accept formal items as donation! One of our favorites is Every Girl’s Dream Inc which donates the dress to brides undergoing financial hardship in Michigan.

6. Create an Heirloom. Yes, some people would love to wear Grandma’s wedding dress, but with the fast tides of the fashion industry, and everyone having their own tastes, this is not a common option for brides. Instead of storing it for generations in hopes it will one day be worn again, consider having it made into baby blankets for your children or others, a christening gown, first communion dress, or even Christmas stocking!