Inclusive Pricing Rocks! Here's Why!

Inclusive Pricing Rocks! Here’s Why!


If you’ve been following us for awhile now, you may have noticed that our wedding prices have changed to something completely different this month. In previous years, we asked that our clients pay us for our time and then select what they like for products after their images have been delivered. We have changed to inclusive pricing are so we can better service you!

What is inclusive pricing? Inclusive pricing means that our wedding day packages include all of our most popular items as well as some of the smaller charges that we, as a legal business, are required by law to charge! Here’s how inclusive pricing makes things SO much better!

1. No more calculating: Take the amount you pay for coverage, then add the cost of digitals and your other products individually, multiply by .06 for taxes… not anymore! Our wedding packages are now one set price! That means the number you see is the amount you pay for everything the package includes (a USB of digital images with print rights, taxes, travel, even an album, and more are all included in the price!)

2. Less Stress for You: Your wedding is all paid for, you’ve been on your honeymoon and things have finally settled down except… now you have to pay for the majority of your photography products, research what consumer company will have a decent quality album, spend hours designing the album… Nope! With the inclusive packages, most of your photo products will already be paid for and an heirloom quality album and design are included! You just have to choose which images you want and select the materials it’s made from.

3. Heirloom Quality: Some people enjoy creating their own albums and photo products, we completely understand that! Sadly, with a lot of consumer print companies, what you see is only what you get for a couple of years… the colors on the images fade, the cloth wears away….including items in your wedding package is an insurance policy that you will have an item from your wedding day that will stand the test of time!

4. Don’t Forget the Important Items: As professionals in the wedding industry, we’ve been through the process of planning a wedding a few dozen times. As such we are aware of some of the products that you may not even realize you want or need! Now they are included in your package!

5. The Realization You Need More...From Us: As we put together the new packages based on what brides were telling us they wanted, we realized that this new way of doing things gives you more choices and that can seem daunting. As such, we are now offering in person reveals and ordering sessions at no cost to you (we will help you every step of the way and you will be able to see and feel the luxury our products offer before deciding all the details). Our online galleries will remain as well! We also realize that this way of doing things may require a little more of an investment. To help with this, we are now offering payment plans and are also in the works of a gift registry program as well! Soon you will be able to add the products you want as well as the coverage you need to an online registry, much as you would at the big box stores, so your friends and family can give you the gift of your memories and artwork (which is way better than getting that third blender)!