Saturday, 25 May 2019

Is a Professional Worth the Investment?

  • Published: Wednesday, 07 November 2018 13:17
  • Written by Theresa Hoard

With the dawning of the digital age, it seems everyone has a nice camera, or at least a smart phone with a decent camera capability. Wedding budgets are tight, so it can certainly be tempting to pass on investing in a professional photographer/videographer and ask a friend or family member to capture your day, but doing so may be setting yourself up for a disappointment that will last a life time. Here’s why:

You want your friends and family to ATTEND your wedding, not work it. You may think they can both take photos or video and be present as a guest, but for the majority of people, it does not work that way. Capturing a wedding is a high pressure job and your loved ones don’t want to disappoint you! How do you listen intently and let the couple’s vows touch your heart when you’re in the aisle tensed up waiting for the perfect moment? How do you relax and dance the night away knowing you’re missing capturing parts of your loved one’s big day? You don’t!

Your friend/family member doesn’t know the full extent of what capturing a wedding requires. Yes, owning a good camera is especially important, but there are things equally important that they likely don’t know. For example, how to manage the wedding day timeline, direct groups of people, keep posing natural, handle all manner of weather and lighting challenges, and much much more. Likewise, should a photographic tragedy occur (camera gets dropped, lens is cracked, equipment isn’t working right) a professional has a back up plan and back up gear to work with!

You want to remember every detail as beautifully as it happened. You’ve invested in every detail of your day from the venue to the food that is served to the music being played all the way down to the favors your guests will take home that night… but once the day is done, what will be left to remember it all? Your photos and video! So naturally, you want them to be GREAT photos and video that you will be proud to share with generations after you! While you don’t HAVE to be a pro to take good photos or video, hiring one takes the guessing and fear out of the end result! You don’t have to worry that your memories will be blurry, grainy, or missed all together.

You're not wasting money by using a professional over an amateur! If a professional’s prices seem steep, it’s because they have put the time and effort into their craft and will put a great deal of time and effort into your day. When you pay a professional, they aren’t just showing up on your day with their fancy equipment, clicking a button, and sending you images afterward.  They will spend hours and money on booking, conceptualizing, preparing, consulting, photographing, editing, distributing, and follow-up. A professional will also be licensed and insured with experience and education necessary to ensure things go smoothly from beginning to end!