First Look VS Tradition

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is often the wedding day timeline. Every aspect of the day is determined by this timeline... when do I need to start getting ready? how long do I need to book my vendors for? Will I be on time for my reception? There are a LOT of factors that go into this timeline, but one of the most important factors (one that will help determine how other things are done) is whether or not you plan to do a first look.
For those unfamiliar with the concept of a first look, it's when a couple decides that instead of waiting for the walk down the aisle as tradition dictates, they see each other and have photos taken before the ceremony. Both the first look and traditional aisle viewing have their pros and cons! Check out some of them below!

Pro: You don't have to be ready as long before the ceremony. Let's face it, that gown weighs a ton and getting up super early to get your hair and makeup done (and then worrying about it coming apart later) isn't a lot of fun.
Pro: You're keeping tradition and allowing everyone in attendance to share the beautiful moment when the two of you first see each other.
Con: Bride and Groom photos, as well as full bridal party photos will need to take place after the ceremony, leaving less time to just breathe, go to the bar, or just have a moment between the two of you. This also means that there may be less time for photos and you may have to skip some that you really wanted because of it (family photos can be time consuming and if everyone is not present and cooperative it can take time away from the more fun shots.)

First Look
Pro: You get to chose the exact place where you first see each other (you can chose a place that has meaning to you both, or just somewhere that you feel is more beautiful for photos).
Pro: Your first time seeing each other is more intimate and can be captured in greater detail. It's just the two of you (or if you allow, a small gathering of onlookers).
Pro: You can have all of your bridal party photos (including the two of you) done before the ceremony so there is less pressure to speed through photos and get to your reception allowing you to better enjoy the moment. (If there's not time for a particular photo you want, it can still be taken care of after family photos!) This can also leave extra time to just hang out with your closest friends and family!
Con: Your entire bridal party will need to be ready and present earlier in the day and your flowers (if real) will need to be delivered earlier.

The decision is ultimately yours and can be captured beautifully either way!