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Benefits of Hiring One Company for Photography & Videography

  • Published: Wednesday, 05 December 2018 02:26
  • Written by Super User

Benefits of Hiring One Company for Photography & Videography

A photographer and videographer both want the same thing while simultaneously wanting COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things. Both want to provide you with the best possible product (their reputations depend on it)! Unfortunately, because photo and video are entirely different in their capture and creation, those doing so are often left vying for what they need and sadly, this often causes conflict. The photographer needs to come in for a close shot, but the videographer doesn’t want them in the video and vice versa. As a company that offers both photography and videography, Sweet T Photography & Services understands both sides. While hiring separate companies for the two coverages is always a possibility, there are great benefits involved with hiring the same company for both.

Better Communication and Coordination: It’s no secret that photographers and videographers can often butt heads. By hiring the same company, you can rest easy that both teams will be able to communicate and coordinate effectively. The people working for the company have worked together before. They know what the other needs and how to best work together to ensure that both sides get what is required of them! That means no one is fighting for the angles they want for certain shots as they already know where the other needs to be and how to stay out of each other’s way. What’s more, they can capture what each side needs more effectively, offering you more time and less hassle on your big day! (For example, while doing photos of the bride and groom, we already know what footage our photo and video team are both going to want, so we are able to take the same shots at the same time rather than having you repeat them). Think of it this way: you wouldn’t hire a band who is performing together for the very first time to play at your wedding…just as a band who plays together often would make better music, a photo and video team who works together often will translate into a better overall product.

Saved Time Before the Wedding: Planning a wedding is exhausting and time consuming. Each company you hire will want to meet with you to go over the details of your big day at least once if not two or three times. This ensures that they are aware of your vision for the day as well as the timeline and other important aspects. Hiring one company for photo and video combines these meetings saving you hours of precious time! Likewise, combined contracts make for less paperwork to review and sign, and you have less contacts to make should anything change and less people to respond to when the time comes for confirmations!

Added Value: While price shouldn’t be your only factor for deciding what photography and videography company will cover your big day, it doesn’t hurt that many offer great incentives for booking both medias together!  For example, Sweet T Photography & Services offers a discount as well as a free video save the date and photo slide show of your wedding images!